darby + jacob | engagement session by Mallory Kennedy

darby and jacob are getting married in February of next year and I am so excited to work with them on their big day. We got together while I was in my hometown for some engagement photographs. I am so excited with what we created— the deep pink tones infused with the forest’s textures. I love how feminine Darby is and how comfortable she is with her man.

see you in February, lovebirds!


Dena + Jason | Inn at Tranquility Farms by Mallory Kennedy

Dena + Jason’s wedding day began with a really peaceful rain that swept through our little corner of the Smokey’s. It continued to drizzle throughout the day right until Dena + Jason exchanged their vows. They proceeded down the aisle as husband and wife to the tune of “Here Comes the Sun” — I’m not joking.

Sometimes, things just work out.

The Inn at Tranquility Farms is the most beautiful wedding venue- complete with a ceremony gazebo overlooking the mountains, along with a massive front porch and the coziest bridal suite. I loved working with the staff and vendors for this beautiful day and hope to be back soon.

Dena and Jason— I am so grateful to have been your wedding photographer. Thank you for being so open with me and for loving each other so much. It makes a difference in this world, I just know it.

Sheena + Tj | Anchorheart Films by Mallory Kennedy

Below, you will find a husband + wife that have withstood many storms together. As we faced the incoming fog on the top of Black Balsam Knob, we made the most of the remaining sunlight that poured through the clouds. And we all felt it.

I am so proud of what we created together. I believe I captured the true essence of relationship in this session-- unconditional love. Underneath the the thick, foggy, shadow- there is still light.

Check out http://anchorheartfilms.com/

Kennedy’s spring milk bath maternity session by Mallory Kennedy

Winter was long and brutal this year in Asheville. It was peaceful and restorative however putting 3 pairs of pants on every day made me a skeptic. I couldn’t be more excited that the sun is finally out and the flowers are blooming again. Get the freak outdoors people!

Kennedy is a beautiful mother and human— we put together this maternity shoot a little while ago and I’m loving the spring vibes from the flowers paired with the softness of her skin. Glowing human, you.


Ashley + Koda | Spring Wedding at Sowell Farms by Mallory Kennedy

If you are a fan of camels, a Cinderella carriage, and white Oriental lilies- you have arrived!

Ashley and Koda are the best— according to the maid of honor, she’s been sneaking notes into his locker since the 5th grade. I cannot think of a better ending for a princess, can you?

Ashley, it was my greatest pleasure to be your wedding photographer and friend through the years. You are an absolute queen and I am so excited to deliver these images to you.



Inner Radiance | Essential Oil Card Deck by Mallory Kennedy

Samantha Sheets created a card deck that I believe is going to light the way to any person that seeks to come home to their inner radiance. She paired every card with the perfect essential oil for each affirmation- a beautiful fuse of the senses while practicing self care. Essential oils are a staple in my own personal self-love practice and I am so excited to see them incorporated in this way. I love the images that we created together and cannot wait to see these stunning affirmation cards make their debut.

shoot her an email to save a deck for yourself! (samantha_danielle@hotmail.com)

Jaime + Davis | Salt Lake Lovers by Mallory Kennedy

Jaime + Davis fell in love on the slopes 5 years ago and freakin love being “fully pitted” in some “fresh pow pow” together— did I say that right?

My boyfriend and Davis have been best buds since they were in diapers, so when Richie told me we were going on a ski trip to see Dave and his awesome fiancé Jaime, I knew my camera was coming with. These lovebirds are tying the knot in Cali in June— I am positive I overheard Jaime say she plans on waterskiing to the aisle…

Senior Portrait Session with Jade by Mallory Kennedy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—if you experience a milestone in life, make friends with a photographer. Those iPhone selfies of you are HOT- and I am a firm believer that you should absolutely share your angles with the world. However, when it comes to your first impression in the business world or choosing something big— nothing compares to having clean, crisp, and high quality photographs.

Jade graduated from the University of West Florida (go argos!!) and asked me to document this milestone for her. We had a blast running around campus and then perusing downtown in the beautiful Pensacola, Florida. She was literally glowing- I thought it was a cool effect from my camera at first but alas it was Jade all along… I mean is she not stunning? Here are a few of my favorite portraits from this session.