rock climbing in joshua tree and red rock / by Mallory Kennedy

When I first met Richie, I stalked his Instagram as any sane millennial would do and discovered that he was super into outdoor rock climbing. I remember thinking “You couldn’t pay me a million dollars..” Fast forward a year and I am climbing massive rocks out in the most beautiful place I have ever been- Joshua Tree in California. We woke up at 6am Sunday morning as the sun was rising. Wolves were howling close by at the full moon and the sky was streaked with pink and orange light. We trekked through the dry desert terrain and made way towards the towering prehistoric rock ahead.

I didn’t bring my camera with me much on the routes throughout the trip, but I did manage to capture a few of some really amazing moments. The second set of images is Richie rappelling from an epic 12A route that he had just sent. The landscape in Red Rock is overwhelming. I cannot wait to go back.